We offer free trial for 7 days for our dropshippers to try and test on the system and set-up your shop :

Create an account


First of all, you will need to register an account 

We only need very simple information from you to register an account, MAKE SURE you input the correct email as you will need to activate your account by Email.


Login to your account


You are now our member ! Yay ! Welcome to Harbour-World.com :)


We are going to take you to your account backstage


There are 8 tabs for you, which include your information , address management , order management , credit slips, membership , subscription , 1-click import dashboard and UVdesk tickets :


Let’s take a look at Information , you can change and update your name, email and password time to time and this is necessary for us to understand you more and protect your account as well.


Subscribe the membership


Get your 7 Days Free Trial to test our platform and unlock the dropshipper dashboard.




Configure Your Shop


We need 3 things to configure your shop

·        Shop URL: This is very easy, Just copy your shop link (Dont copy https:// & www. ), simply input the Shopify original URL for example : YourShop.myshopify.com

·        Admin API Password : This need you to create private app and please see the following tutorial

·        Location ID : To control the stock movement


Go to your Shopify Admin page

1.   Apps
2.   Manage Private App
3.   Create Private App

Private app name

Harbour World (You can name it whatever you want)

Emergency Developer Email


In order to perform the 1-Click import function, our app need 4 Read and write permissions from you :

  1. Inventory
  2. Price Rules
  3. Product Listings
  4. Products


After the Private app has been created

·        Then you can copy the API Password


Go to your Shopify admin dashboard

1.   Setting
2.   Location
3.   Add Location

Location Name : Harbour World Warehouse (You can name it whatever you want)

Address : Seoul,  South Korea

Zip code : 04784


After saving your location

·        You can get the Location ID in the Link
·        Copy the numbers from the link and that is the Location ID for Super Chain Warehouse

Alright ! you get everything we need now !

Now , you can use our 1-Click Import function to integrate your shop with us !

  • Mark up a Single product :

- Press Export for the product, than you will see a Mark-Up window for you. You can make up the product by percentage !

- Make sure your Shopify has USD (US Dolloar) as we are using USD as our default currency.

After that, you can press Export to send the product to your Shopify store.


If the product has Variant, you can always set different prices with different Variants


  • Bulk Select and Import Product :

- Press Select All to select the current product

- Then press Save


You will be able to mark up all the selected product at once in the same percentage

Then the products will be added to Bucket

The product with Added means they are saved in the bucket, however, you can always remove the unwanted product from the bucket by Remove button.

You will see the Export Progress. We suggest you to add no more than 24 products in the bucket, as the export process takes time.


OK ! You will see this when all products in the bucket is exported to your Shopify J

Now, you can check your Shopify shop end:

All products are imported to your Shopify


Then you can preview your Shopify product, Product name, Price, Image, Description, Variant, and Stock will be synced with us.

Our system will auto-sync your products Every hour, to make sure your products are update to date

*** All product data will be overwrite by our data every hour, if you want customize your product data, you will need to Turn off sync function. If NOT, your customization will be overwrite by our product data !

  • Mange Product

You can go to “My Product List”,  you will be able to see all the products exported to Shopify.

  • Revise Product Data for Shopify

If you would like to revise the any product data, you will need to Turn-Off the Sync status

  • Delete Product Data for Shopify

If you No longer wants to sell the product, you can Delete the product from here, then the system will delete the product for you from your Shopify end.

  • Update Price

When the product is exported, you will see “Update” button in the product, instead of “Export” button, you can adjust the price by Update



If you have any problem, please create a ticket or email our team : info@harbour-world.com