Hanyul Pure Artemisia Clay to foam 170ml

Hanyul Pure Artemisia Clay to foam 170ml

Mugwort Clay to Foam

Deep cleansing foam that cleans the skin of waste products



Cleansing and cleansing skin that brightens and cleans dull skin tone

Sebum fit-off cleansing foam with a clayy finish

Clay Pack + Cleansing Foam at once, Easy Pack to Foam

It can be used as a daily cleansing foam or clay pack with a texture that turns into a foam pack and foam foam cleanser when applied.

Daily cleansing without strain on the skin

4-component free

Animal raw materials, mineral oil, synthetic pigments, sulfate surfactants

How to use

How to use regular cleansing foam

Take the contents, foam enough from the palm of your hand, spiral from inside to outside with your fingertips, rub gently, and rinse with water

How to use Claypack to Foam

Take an appropriate amount on a dry face and apply gently on the affected areas except the eyes and mouth. After 3 ~ 5 minutes, apply water and gently massage to make bubbles, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. (Appropriate amount per use: about 2 cm.Length of one finger)

Young mugwort cleansing related products



A skin cleansing & moisture soothing care line that adds freshness to your tired skin and fills your comfort.

The mugwort that grows after the clear sea breeze at Ganghwa Beach, especially the young mugwort obtained before May 5th of the lunar calendar, is included in Hanul.

It is a natural raw material such as mother's first bath water that softens and softens the delicate skin.

Researcher's old notebook

Researcher's worries to convey the effects of mugwort, a natural ingredient in Korea, to the skin

As you can see the time that has passed, the faded note contains the sincerity of the researcher who wrote by hand. Hanyul's efforts to convey the power of Korean nature to the skin will continue.


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