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Laneige BB Cushion_Whitening 15g*2

Laneige BB Cushion_Whitening 15g*2


feature of product

BB Cushion Whitning

'Whitening BB Cushion' that creates transparent and bright skin with dual whitening care that brightens the inside and outside of the skin

BB cushion whitening SPF 50+ PA +++

The ultimate bright skin without darkening!
Make your skin clear and transparent!
Closer to the skin! Long lasting splendor!


Key Points

New Laneige BB Cushion

New BB Cushion

Key Points 1

BB Cushion Whitening More Moisturizing BB Cushion Pore Control

Choose a new whitening / pore control cushion based on your desired skin expression

Key Points 2

SKIN FIT cushion to help express thin and transparent skin

Evenly, the puff content is evenly adhered to the skin, giving it a thin, even fit and creating a transparent, glowing skin.

Key Points 3

8 neutral / cool colors that can be used to suit your skin tone

Choose a neutral tone color if you have a lot of yellowish skin, or a cool tone color if you have a lot of redness to complete a natural and attractive makeup that fits your skin.

Key Points 4

Compact, trendy container design

The three-dimensional prism color that changes every time light is reflected and the compact size fits in one hand, expressing a young and trendy sensation.

Technical Features

12 hours lasting effect confirmed by human body application test

Skin brightness / moisture content / darkening is improved immediately after applying the product and up to 12 hours
(Research target: 22 adult women / Research period: 2016.03.07 ~ 08 / Research institution: IC Korea)

1. Sparkling ™ pigment technology brightens without darkening!

Sparkling Coat ™ Pigment technology, dual coated with pearl and once again with water, provides ultimate clarity and moisture. The pigment is coated once with micro-sized pearls and double coated with a moisture moisturizer to scatter light 360 degrees like a reflector.

2. Mela crusher brightens with whitening ingredients!

Whitening ingredients like Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew's Melacrusher brighten up your skin.

3. Superflex Lasting ™ technology improves adhesion! Sustainability UP!

The Superflex Lasting ™ technology enhances the makeup's adhesion and lasting properties, and it also lasts for a long time.

All shades

Neutral tone

No. 11


No. 13


No. 21


No. 23


Cool tone

No. 11

Cool porcelain

No. 13

Cool ivory

No. 21

Cool beige

No. 23

Cool sand


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