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Laneige Multi Deep Clean Cleanser 150ml

Laneige Multi Deep Clean Cleanser 150ml

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If you want to remove makeup, fine dust, and dead skin cells at once, use a multi deep cleanser

If you need a high-moisturizing cleansing that leaves only moisture after cleansing, use a moist cream cleanser.

2WAY Cleansing Care with the changed Laneige NEW CLEANSER!

Key Points

NEW Multi Deep Clean Cleanser

Deep cleansing from makeup to fine dust at once! Multi-function cleansing foam for keratin care without irritation


Key Points 1

Multi-form erasing all in one

Cleanser that erases not only sunscreen but also makeup and fine dust at once

Key Points 2

Daily keratin care without irritation

Care for dead skin cells with a cleanser containing natural-derived papain enzyme and cellulose beads that melt in your palm

Key Points 3

Cleansing for healthy skin

Cleanser with blueberry extract provides clear and clean skin

Skin TPO

Multi Deep Cleanser is recommended for such people!

When you want to remove even makeup with one cleansing foam

For keratin rich people who want mild exfoliation

When you want skin vitality and freshness with cleansing


Papain Enzyme

Enzyme extracted from papaya fruit, removes old keratin, waste from pores and sebum

Blueberry Extracts

Blueberry extract, the top 10 super food selected by Time magazine in the United States, provides a refreshing and moist feeling


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