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Laneige Perfect Makeup Cleansing Water 320ml

Laneige Perfect Makeup Cleansing Water 320ml

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Perfect Makeup Cleansing

LANEIGE's new cleansing line specializing in clear makeup

Perfect Makeup Cleansing Water

1. Cleanse even waterproof makeup

2. PEG-free, 10-free, slightly acidic, no-wash cleansing water

3. Peppermint extract extract smoothes pores and treats them gently

Key Points

NEW Perfect Makeup Cleansing Water


Key Points 1

Perfect makeup cleansing

The triple micellar technology specialized in erasing the base, lip, and mascara erases even waterproof makeup

Key Points 2

Healthy weak acid cleansing

No wash cleansing water for peace of mind with PEG-free, 10-free, weakly acidic formula

Key Points 3

Cleansing for clean pores

Peppermint extract extracts pores smoothly and refreshes, and finishes fresh and moisturizing cleansing water

Technical features

NEW Triple Micellar Cleansing

Cleansing is the key to cleansing!

Waterproof makeup, coloring tint all cleansing

Skin TPO

Perfect makeup cleansing water is recommended for such people!


How to use

How to use
Clear makeup and leave fresh like water!

After applying an appropriate amount on a cotton pad, gently wipe it along the entire skin texture of the face. Point makeup is gently erased by gently pressing for 5 seconds and then wiping off.

* You can finish with non-wash cleanser that does not wash water separately or with lukewarm water if necessary.


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