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Mamonde Age Control Power Cream 50ml

Mamonde Age Control Power Cream 50ml

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Age Control Power Cream


An anti-aging cream that tightly fills rough skin textures to alleviate fine lines and moisturize your skin for strong, taut skin

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    Camellia saponin anti-aging

    Camellia flower saponin, a powerful anti-aging effect found in camellia flowers, relieves skin aging and keeps young and healthy skin.

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    A strong moisture barrier of camellia oil

    Camellia oil forms an oil-moisturizing film on the skin to relieve dryness and protect the skin.

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    Shea butter's high moisturizing effect

    Shea butter, a vegetable ingredient extracted from the fruit of the fish tree, provides sufficient moisture and nutrients to dry skin.

Camellia story

A flower of strong vitality that does not wither even on snow

Camellia, which blooms in winter, falls bluntly when it blooms. The fallen pine tree does not wither for a week and retains its shape even in the middle of winter. I found an anti-aging trick from the camellia's strong vitality that keeps the petals red in the white snow.

Beautiful purchasing agreement with Jeju camellia village

Camellia Village in Jeju is a town where camellia trees with beautiful red petals grow. As the plant does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, camellia flowers and camellia seeds are clean and clean raw materials. Camellias that have survived the strong winds and endured the harsh cold 365 days a day wait until they fall to their daughters.

Anti-aging effect of camellia flower saponin

Through a 35-year camellia research, camellia saponin ingredient with excellent efficacy in anti-aging was found in camellia flowers, and it succeeded in extracting saponin with a high content of 1.5 times higher than the existing extraction method through eco-friendly customized technology. Camellia saponin relieves skin aging and leaves young and healthy skin.
(Eco-friendly technology: low energy method, existing extraction method: methanol extraction method without cyclic method)

Camellia Age Control Line

  • One

    Age Control Skin Softener

    An anti-aging skin softener that quickly penetrates the skin, fills the moisture, and adds elasticity to strengthen the healthy skin base.

  • 2

    Age Control Emulsion

    An anti-aging emulsion that forms a moisturizing moisturizing film to comfortably wrap the skin and smooth and firm skin texture.

  • 3

    Age Control Power Serum

    An anti-aging serum that spreads smoothly as soon as applied and gives skin elasticity and relieves fine lines to make young and youthful skin

  • 4

    Age Control Power Eye Cream

    An anti-aging eye cream that relieves fine wrinkles, which is a key concern in the eye area, and protects the soft and soft skin around the eyes without moisture.

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    Age Control Power Cream

    An anti-aging cream that tightly fills rough skin textures to relieve fine lines and moisturize to strengthen and tighten skin.


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