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Mamonde High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid (SPF 34/PA++) 13 g

Mamonde High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid (SPF 34/PA++) 13 g

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High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid (SPF 34 / PA ++)


Make liquid foundation fresh anytime, anywhere! Complete smooth and perfect skin

  • One

    Completion of a synergy cover that looks clean without gaps

    Fine Pixel Cover ™ technology for finer cover powder and Bloomup Light Powder ™ light reflection effect to create clean skin!

  • 2

    Completion of smooth shiny skin that sticks like my skin

    Hydro-coated Liquid ™ is shiny and shiny! Soft puffs are in close contact with the skin to create smooth skin!

  • 3

    Make it fresh with the air tight package! #Padedam silver cushion

    Put the liquid foundation in the air tight package to keep the foundation color vivid! Easier than foundation and more sophisticated than cushion!

Cushion that creates a smooth and clean skin anytime, anywhere by putting liquid foundation in an air tight package

Point 1. Compact cover with the introduction of Fine Pixel Cover ™ technology

As in the past, the cover powder was introduced directly into the roll mill machine without the cover powder being directly introduced into the manufacturing process, and then the technology was applied to finely crush the cover powder.

Point 2. Light up light effect of Bloomup Light Powder ™ to create clean skin

Point 3. Pore and uneven surface smooth skin

Spherical silica powder and silicone gel fill the pores and irregularities, and brighten the light to create a smooth skin with no pores or irregularities.

Point 4. The soft puff is in close contact with the skin! Smooth skin

The puff of soft material is delicately bent to fit the curvature of the skin, making it look as if it is in close contact with the skin for smooth skin.



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